Tuesday, May 03, 2005


2 more wards...


One half of the appalling Lib Dem millionaire property developer couple. This is hubbie Jim White's safe seat. Unfortunately he cannot and will not lose. His missus ran transport to little effect in Janke's farcical "rainbow coalition" junte last year. Would the Lib Dem's let a White near any power ever again after that? Probably!
Blogonian Prediction: Lib Dem Hold


Labour leader Hammond's ward. He's done very little campaigning but is openly claiming that the increased general election turnout will see him through. Seems a reasonable possibility... But is the reason that there is no Hammond campaign more because no Labour activist is prepared to waste their time or efforts on spineless Hammond, the man who threw a sickie to avoid having to present his own budget?
This might be tighter than Hammond expects, especially with day care campaigner Andy Richardson running as an Independent. Richardson has been courting the Labour vote, but with the Tories and Lib Dems running neck-and-neck in the ward Hammond will still take the seat pretty much by default.
Blogonian Prediction: Lab Hold

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