Wednesday, May 04, 2005


The final four wards

St George East
The Tories got within almost 100 votes of Labour in this historically safe seat last time in 2003. However the general election should favour Labour in this ward. But it could still be close, although the Tories are not likely to benefit from any tactical voting that happens in the general election. Expect to be welcoming Labour's Charles Price on 6 May.
Blogonian Prediction: Lab Hold

St George West
The Labour Party consistently poll double the Lib Dems and Tories who are neck and neck here. Ron Stone will be returned to the Council House with a thumping majority again.
Blogonian Prediction: Lab Hold

Stoke Bishop
A rare beast in Bristol these days - a safe Tory seat! Last time out in 2002 John Goulandris got two-thirds of the vote and even in the general election year in 2001 the Tories managed an absolute majority in the ward.
It's Tory leader Peter Abraham up this time. Expect him back in the Council House, pomposity intact and proposing ammendments for another four years.
Blogonian Prediction: Con Hold

A former safe Tory seat where the Lib Dems have gained a lot of ground over the last couple of elections. They may get a boost from the general election too but will it be enough to win? The Blogonian thinks not although it could be close.
Councillor Geoffrey Gollop is the Tory candidate here and it might be good for the city if he is returned as he's one of only about three councillors who actually appears to understand the city's finances!
Blogonian Prediction: Con Hold

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