Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Red-faced Dawn P

No doubt the Daily Mail readers of South Bristol that seem to make up the rump of "Red" Dawn Primarolo's New Labour vote these days were suitably impressed with her stand on anti-social behaviour in her latest election leaflet.
The famously dim Treasury minister was photographed next to various stalwarts of South Bristol Neighbourhood Watch schemes condemning in no uncertain terms the scourge of anti-social behaviour in her constituency.
The effect was only slightly spoilt by the fact that one of the gentlemen photographed next to her has just been prosecuted for drink driving and not stopping at the scene of an accident.
Oh well. Presumably some behaviour is more anti-social than others in Dawn's brave new Daily Mail world.

I would SO love to see "Prawn Dimarolo" go down. She has done nothing, nothing at all, from Bristol South.
For Bristol South, rather.
Unlikely to happen I'm afraid unless there's a huge Lib Dem tactical vote and there's no tradition of this in Bristol and certainly no talk of it anywhere... Shame I reckon Primarolo could've been pushed a lot harder.
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