Friday, May 06, 2005


Results at a glance

Here's Bristol's election results at a glance. The Blogonian will offer some analysis later.

General Election

Bristol East -
Lab Hold (majority 8,621) Blogonian prediction - Lab Hold majority 7,000 - 9,000

Bristol North West -
Lab Hold (majority 8,962) Blogonian prediction - Lab Hold majority of at least 5,000

Bristol South -
Lab Hold (majority 11,142) Blogonian prediction - Lab Hold majority of 8,000

Bristol West -
Lib Dem Gain (majority 5,128) Blogonian prediction - Lib Dem Gain majority 2,000

Local Elections: Unspectacular stuff apart from a significant Green vote and a personal humiliation for Robin Moss in Easton.

Lib Dems are now the biggest party with 32 seats. Labour 27. Tories 11

Ashley -
Lib Dem Gain (plus strong Green result with 22% of the vote!)

Avonmouth -
Lab Hold (With Independent Steve Norman nowhere and unable to split the Lab vote)

Bishopston - Lib Dem Hold

Cabot - Lib Dem Gain (Independent Roy Tallis hammered with just 8% of the vote)

Clifton - Lib Dem Hold

Clifton East - Lib Dem Hold

Cotham - Lib Dem Hold (Greens 4th behind Tories)

Easton - Lib Dem Gain (Moss personally humiliated by huge swing against him, Greens take 3rd place and 16% of the vote)

Eastville - Lib Dem Gain

Frome Vale - Lab Hold (by 40 odd votes!)

Henbury - Lab Hold

Henleaze - Lib Dem Hold

Hillfields - Lab Hold

Horfield - Lab Hold

Kingsweston - Lab Hold (by 24 votes only! Independent Terry Thomas took 10% of the vote)

Lawrence Hill - Lab Hold

Lockleaze - Lib Dem Gain

Redland - Lib Dem Hold

Southmead - Lab Hold

St George East - Lab Hold

St George West - Lab Hold

Stoke Bishop - Con Hold

Westbury-on-Trym - Con Hold

It's quite a conversion to green issues for former council executive member Symonds isn't it?
When he was actually in charge of something - ie. housing - he couldn't wait to bulldoze pensioners' prefabs to make way for clean, green Crosby Homes could he?
In fact when he was in power what remotely green policies did he pursue?
So would his conversion to green issues have anything to do with next year's election in Southville?
Coincidentally he's up against the great Green hope, Charlie Bolton, who's been working his butt off to unseat the dozy New Labour crony this time 'round...
As for Orlik. He'll struggle against the Lib Dems in Windmill Hill in May. And hey! Guess what? There's the second largest Green vote in the city to be had in Windmill Hill.
Politicians? Dontchaluvem?
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