Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Today's crap

Think again before calling Blair a poodle. "The poodle is a belligerent, disobedient, hyper-aggressive brute, with a very large mouth full of extremely nasty fangs," explains Spinoff.

If you're interested in the ins and outs of tactical voting there's a big public discussion about it all on The Guardian's blog.

"28,20,23,27,31,24. What are these numbers?" Asks Themos also in The Guardian blog. "They are percentages of the electorate that were motivated to go out and cast a vote for Labour in '79, '83, '87, '92, '97 and '01. To hit the "unelectable" low of '83, Labour would have to gather 38% on a 54% turnout. From today's viewpoint, that does not sound so outlandish," he points out rather well

The Conservatives, it must be said, have used the web really well in this election. Here's a game now on their site.

Gorgeous Watch: George Galloway stormed off the ITV Lunchtime News today, saying the presenters were “liars” and the interview was a “set-up”. Read all about it here.
Meanwhile William Hill bookmakers have Oona King at 4/9 with George Galloway at 15/8. Loosely translated, they have her down as favourite in what is effectively a 2 horse race.
See www.politicalbetting.com for more election betting stuff.

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