Monday, February 20, 2006



Budget Blow To Lockleaze

The Lib Dems have slapped yet another council tax rise on Lockleaze. From April you’ll pay 4.9% more in local tax - that’s over twice the rate of inflation. The average household in the area will now have to hand over an extra £63 to the city council as your yearly bill hits nearly £1,300.
Lockleaze already gives the council about £5m every year. This rise will see a further £0.25m leave Lockleaze for the council’s coffers. What does Lockleaze receive for all this money?
At present the only services generally available are a part time youth club, a part time library and a ropey, overpriced bus service. Is that value for £5m of money?
As the local tax bill has rocketed in Lockleaze services have actually been cut. Schools have been closed, day care places for the elderly slashed and youth workers hours have been cut. Now we learn the local Post office is to be shut.

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